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Finding new ways of doing things is a special feature of our studio, SALANSKY.

The path of the search has led us to the very end, where there is a new beginning with a whole new set of questions, possibilities, and options. The main material used in our project is slag produced by plasma gasification. Slag is a newly discovered material that provides designers with an alternative to the other materials that they have been using up to now. An alternative with an almost 100% recycling rate, but one that has the potential to become dominant in a creative market focused on ecology and sustainable materials. Slag is produced by plasma gasification, making it possible to use almost any waste. It is possible to recycle plastics and RDF (Refuse derived fuel) that is no longer recyclable, industrial waste, and sewage sludge, but also hazardous waste, hospital waste, environmental waste, municipal waste, etc.

Our collection is the first and last link in a series. It shows the raw form of the processed material "slag", raised on thin brass legs. In the form of interior design accessories, we present variations of the materialization. In particular, vases, bowls, and tables. The collection also includes wall tiles or art objects that are used solely for interior decoration.


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