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Atlas is a series of hand-blown coloured lights designed specifically for the cocktail bar Bylo Nebylo. The series of colourful lights will take you on an incredible journey into an infinite universe. Each light in this series is inspired by the planetary moons and their unique beauty.


There are 207 known planetary moons in our solar system, but there are many more throughout the universe. The Atlas light collection is inspired by this unexplored area that fascinates and inspires us. Each individual light brings a unique spectrum of colour and texture that materializes the imagination of the possibilities of other moons.


To create these unique lights, we use the technique of encapsulating glass in shards and frits to which we add mica and other impurities. This technique creates unique colour combinations and variety that complete the overall uniqueness of each light in this collection.



Technical parameters:

  • Material: Hand blown glass
  • Colour: Mix
  • Technique: Wrapping in shards

Light source:

  •  E27

Component size:

  • 350 mm

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