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Trophy for competitions



This design is based on a combination of natural glass and fascination with human art and activity.

The trophy is based on the principle of raw scabbing. Scabbing results from the filled glass pan (glass material cast into a separate basin / mould). Continuous pouring creates bubbles in the glass (trapped oxygen), and the subsequent cooling creates the inner structure of the glass.

When you take this material and refine it, you add value to it, for it reflects humanity and purity. This show glass in its natural beauty combined with the beauty of crafting.

The winner of the competition will receive a piece of raw glass that has been perfectly worked.

This is a perfect embodiment of scabbing – every piece is an original, with bubbles inside rounding out the visual effect.




▪ Collection

Trophy MoC

▪ Material

Crystal Glass

▪ Color


▪ Dimension

D15 x W7cm

▪ Weight


▪ Technique

Hand blown glass


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