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In this series of objects I aimed to grasp things in time. Thanks to the compact blown glass, I show fossils
reflecting their appearances in the white velvet objects. I only leave a trace of the past on the objects to emphasise their existence. This is the visible absence of things past. I work with archetypal objects of our civilisation and investigate the environment around them by means of glass.
The result is a series of 13 different shapes that prove existence of a thing. The things, used as moulds,
transform through implementation in another material into something completely unfamiliar, which is the
true essence of transformation. I try not to apply force to the glass, but instead I try to give it space to behave naturally, with minimal intervention from me. I give the glass its genuine nature, at the same time pushing it to extremes. I work in an obscure environment, scanning the space under a defined angle.






▪ Collection


▪ Material

Opal Glass / Crystal

▪ Color


▪ Technique

Hand blown glass



Created in glassworks PRECIOSA Lighting

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