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We took the first major step of our joint journey in 2020 in the proverbial heart of Europe. In Czechia, a country with a sense of craft and a rich glassmaking tradition, we, as natives of Liberec, have always been close to this multifaceted and fragile medium. Our hometown is located in the fabled North Bohemian "Crystal Valley", which has been synonymous with the beauty and quality of Czech glass for almost five centuries.


Our love for glass and many years of experience in designing and realisations have naturally resulted in the desire to materialise and present our own visions and original creations under our names. It could not have made more sense to establish a family business in a place with such a history – and Studio SALANSKY in Liberec was born. Since then, under the SALANSKY brand, we have been designing and producing light objects, solitaires, and sculptures for interiors and exteriors. Our production and custom designs are mainly based on hand-blown or technical glass, which sometimes encounters other media such as wood, metal or stone.


Based on your requirements, we can prepare a concept study for your chosen interior or exterior project and discuss the form of delivery. Our production takes place mainly in local glassworks and small artisan workshops but we are open to any kind of collaboration. We can either do the preliminary calculation, production, delivery and installation ourselves or in collaboration with your architectural or design studio.


Brothers Jan and Ondřej Salanský.




Jan Salanský is an independent artist whose approach crosses the boundaries of cultures, languages, disciplines, and styles. He develops designs that either follow or break the typical crafting sequences and, at the same time, build upon traditional methods. His work focuses on detail and the raw form of the material being worked, depending on the context of place and time. Jan is a product of the Czech creative community from Podještědí.


He graduated from the High School of Furniture Design in Liberec. Subsequently, he enrolled at the Faculty of Art and Architecture at the Technical University also in Liberec where he completed his Master's degree in the Environmental Design studio under the supervision of Prof. Bořek Šípek. Currently, Jan is finishing his PhD studies at the same faculty, focused on glass production in the context of the environments that surround us. He has also gained valuable experience during his internships in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, which is famous for its local Design Academy, or thanks to his long-term cooperation with Preciosa where he worked as a designer.


Ondřej Salanský graduated from the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering where he acquired a flair for technical solutions. However, further paths led him to the product as such and then to study marketing at the Technical University in Liberec. He then gained work experience in a number of major companies focused on both product and corporate marketing.  


After many years of collaboration on a number of projects, both academic- and production-wise, the dynamic brother duo founded the brand SALANSKY & Co. s.r.o. Under their joint banner, they create glass objects, applied design, interior and exterior installations, and exceptional works of art, bringing unique complex solutions and processes to the industry.


Jan Salanský_BIO

*23. 5. 1989 / Liberec, Czech Repuplic, Europe


Faculty of Arts and Architecture, MgA. - Environmental Design, Prof. Bořek Šípek

Currently PhD. - Fine Arts in Public Space – Doc. Jan Stolín


JSPR Eindhoven, Netherlands / architectural office focused on interiors

Work experience:

2020 - present / founder - SALANSKY & Co, s.r.o

2017 - 2020 / Preciosa Lighting - designer


2014 Master Of Crystal, Preciosa

Public collections:

Muzeum skla a bižuterie v Jablonci nad Nisou, Czech Republic

Severočeské muzeum v Liberci, Czech Republic


2015 - XII. Mezinárodní sklářské sympozium IGS 2015, Nový Bor

2018 - GCWC - Glass Cutting World Cup, Světlá nad Sázavou

2019 - GCWC - Glass Cutting World Cup, Světlá nad Sázavou

2021 -XIV. Mezinárodní sklářské sympozium IGS 2021, Nový Bor


Ondřej Salanský_BIO

*16. 4. 1983 / Liberec, Czech Repuplic, Europe


Faculty of Textile, Bc. -Marketing

Work experience:

2020 - present / founder - SALANSKY & Co, s.r.o

2018 - 2021 / Sans Souci Lighting- Exhibition and Product Development manager

2015 - 2018 / BPR - Account manager



New Delhie / Indie / launch event of the Innovative Design Studio / 2023

Milano / Ro Plastic Prize- finalist / 2023

Sofia / Bulgaria / 2022

Liberec / The North Bohemian Museum / 2022

Liberec / IGS / 2022

Nový Bor / IGS / 2021

Dubai / Downtowndesign 2019

Světlá nad Sázavou / Symposium Bomma / 2019

Milano / Euroluce / 2019

Světlá na Sázavou / Symposium Bomma / 2018

Dubai / Downtowndesign / 2018

New York / Europe Unique exhibition / Jizersky + Preciosa / 2018

Designblok / Navarila / Jizersky / 2016

London design week / Mint Gallery / SKUBB / 2016

Zlín design week / SKUBB / 2016

Zlín design week / VSVU / In- Tim Chair / 2015

Nový Bor / IGS / 2015

Salone de Mobile / Jizersky + Preciosa / 2015

DesignBlok / Jizersky + Preciosa / 2014

Prague / 360stup. / Envirmanmetal design / 2013

Eindhoven / DDW / Milk Stools / 2012